Pentamerone Game Dev Journal 03


Mechanics: Investigation
Following the classic "move rock to point X" type of mechanic, we decided to
incorporate another standard ADV mechanic to the game -- namely, Investigation.
Of course as we have said before, "Pentamerone Game" is an eroge after all, so
the "puzzle" itself is easy, and the "Investigation mechanic" too, is rather simple.

That is all for today.
Luwen Workshop
2015 / 11 / 27
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Pentamerone Game Dev Journal 02

Screenshots from the second stage "Prunella"

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Luwen Workshop
2015 / 11 / 10
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Pentamerone Game Dev Journal 01

【Title】 Pentamerone Game (ペンタメロン•ゲーム)
【Engine】 RPG Maker MV
【Genre】 R-18 Puzzle Adventure Game

Pentamerone Game is a Puzzle ADV game which takes place in a modern setting.
The main character is an ordinary salary-man who was dragged into the so-called
"Pentamerone Game", and the player has to guide him through the various fairy tale-based puzzles
present within the "Pentamerone Game" in order to save his loving wife.


Aoi is your traditional Japanese housewife. She met the main character in high school,
and the two married soon after they graduated from university. The main character
maintains a healthy and loving relationship with Aoi.
【Design Note】 We wanted Aoi to be the "stereotypical" Japanese housewife.
We imagine the players to be able to identify what her character is like upon
first impression, and knows what to expect from her character.


Mechanics: Movable Objects
RPG Maker MV is a relatively new instalment in the RPG Maker series,
so it took us quite some time to figure out how to do the basic "movable object"
mechanic that is essential in Puzzle ADV games. In addition, we decided to add in
the option to reset the position of the movable object as well, as we do not feel
the need to make it too punishing for the players (this is an eroge after all).

That is all for today.
Luwen Workshop
2015 / 11 / 9

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